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Task earning APP AIA file which build in Makeroid

Description :- This aia file work in appybuilder website  by using the webviewer extension ,we create this application how to upload this file in makeroid shown below ,you can use this aia file to make your app more professional ,we had use the layout,webviewer,and some png image to build this application.Application aia file given below 

After Downloading how to upload aia follow the step given below

How to Upload Aia file in Makeroid

Step 1:visit to makeroid website link given below

click here to visit website

Step 2:Click on Create app button image shown below
Step 3:Then click on Project button given in menubar
Step 4:Then Upload the aia file click on import project 
Step 4:Then Upload the aia file from your computer 
Step 5:File upload successfully now you can edit to aia file 

how to edit aia file Tutorial video given below